Our Mission Statement:

At Flixton Infants we strive to create a happy, child centred ethos where children are nurtured, valued and supported to develop a love of learning in a safe environment.

Through an engaging and enjoyable curriculum we set consistently high expectations for pupils’ learning. Our dedicated team are committed to providing inspirational teaching which provides excellent opportunities for children to progress and achieve their full potential.

We value the importance of building positive relationships with family, governors and the wider community to encourage confident, independent individuals.

This partnership ensures that our children are given the best possible start to their journey through life, providing them with the ability to make a positive contribution to society by growing and learning together.

Flixton Infant School News

Please watch this space for news and event information.


Amalgamation: Trafford issues Statutory Notice

The local authority have issued Statutory Notice of their intention to amalgamate Flixton Infant and Junior Schools from September. The Statutory Notice can be found by clicking here.


Amalgamation moves a step closer

An important step towards the possible Flixton Infant School and Flixton Junior School amalgamation takes place this week with the issuing by Trafford of statutory notice of their intention to create Flixton Primary School from September. This is the final step in the journey for the two schools, and we shall formally know the outcome early in the next half term. 

Trafford's formal decision to issue the statutory notice is here: https://democratic.trafford.gov.uk/ieDecisionDetails.aspx?ID=618

Survey for next year's Nursery Intake

Please help us to plan for how, or if, we can implement the new Thirty Hours offer from September by completing our short survey. We are trying to gain as many views as possible from the parents of our new intake, so that we can ascertain the demand and the possible implications of the Thirty Hour entitlement. You can find the survey by clicking here. 



We are launching Pobble today! Click below to have a look at our Pobble site, ready to be filled with amazing work from our fantastic writers.